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Mirza & Nacey Research Ltd specialises in carrying out research and surveys amongst professionals - architects, engineers, vets and others -

around the world.  Since 1989 we've worked with professionals and their membership institutions, to provide solid, reliable data and robust analysis.

A range of survey titles published by our specialist division The Fees Bureau aimed at architects, surveyors and engineers and their clients:

professional fees

financial performance



Everything from a sample client survey for an architectural practice to massive pan-European studies for major European institutions.

• client and customer satisfaction surveys

• confidential employee or earnings surveys

• surveys of members of professional


• simultaneous multi-language surveys

   across dozens of countries 

We are expert in gathering, processing and  manipulating data, whether this is data from a survey you've already carried out, or marketing data collected by your company, or from one of our own surveys. We will work with you to understand what you need to get out of the data and how this will help with your strategic goals.

• re-coding data for analysis

• interpreting existing data

• economic modelling and forecasting

• benchmarking

• analysis, tabulation, report presentation

• database programming

Information is primarily collected from our own sources – we’re leaders in talking to key practitioners and opinion formers

• market and industry research analysis

• product, service and image perception


• opinion research

The Architectural Profession in Europe, a landmark study we developed for the Architects' Council of Europe. We now conduct the survey every two years, the latest one received over 27,000 responses from architects in 27 different countries and using 20 different languages.

FVE Survey of the veterinary profession in Europe, 13,000 vets from 24 countries responded in 13 different languages

RIBA annual Earnings Survey, annually 

RIBA Education Statistics, annually

RIBA Business Benchmarking  Survey annual 

South African Institute of Architects Survey

Established in 1989, we've carried out reserach and surveys for professional institutes such as the Royal Institue of British Architects (RIBA); international bodies such as the Architects' Council of Europe and the Federation of Vets in Europe. We've worked for large companies such as Stannah Lifts and small ones, including many architectural practices.

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