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Mirza & Nacey Research Ltd specialises in carrying out research and surveys amongst professionals in the construction industry. Over the last 30 years it has built up a unique research association with architects, quantity surveyors and engineers and their institutes and trade bodies. Mirza & Nacey Research has strong links with the Royal Institute of British Architects, for whom it conducts several surveys each year.


More recently, Mirza & Nacey Research has been working in Europe, first with the Architects’ Council of Europe, for whom it has pioneered the landmark research 'The Architectural Profession in Europe', and with the Federation of Veterinarians in Europe, who also commissioned a pan-European survey of their profession.


Mirza & Nacey’s specialist division The Fees Bureau publishes a range of guides for professionals – including Architects Fees, Engineers Performance, Architects Earnings. The Fees Surveys - published as five separate titles - have become industry standard references for professionals and clients alike.

Mirza & Nacey Research Ltd has two directors who are the original co-founders.

Aziz Mirza
Vince Nacey

Mirza & Nacey Research works differently from most research companies. Our approach is very 'hands on' – the two directors run every aspect of every job, get deeply involved with handling the data, and personally compiling and writing every single report. We are totally immersed in, and committed to, your research. For us there is no other way of working.

Our footprint

In the past five years we have conducted surveys in more than thirty countries throughout Europe.

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