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Market Research




Providing the facts and data you need in your business. 

We collect, analyse and present data so you can explore market opportunities, gauge customer feedback and maximise business performance.

We help clients assess market reputation and perception of products. If you operate in construction we can offer you access to our unique Architects' Panel, 2,000 named architects across the UK whose views will help you refine your product or service and get your proposition right.

Market research starts with finding a solution to a problem. In this data driven environment we are experts at gathering data and giving you the tools to analyse and explore the data. We go beyond the usual pdf report, building you a bespoke dashboard or innovative tools that let your marketing team extract maximum value from the research findings. 

Our approach

How we undertake

market research

Construction Futures

The longest running survey of architects in the UK

Architects' Panel

Gain access to 2000 architects

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