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Mirza & Nacey Research has over 30 years’ experience analysing this industry, including maintaining and updating a leading survey of industry workload; Construction Futures. Our work includes market research for businesses who want to learn more about their position, perception, or opportunities within the construction industry. We offer specialist services such as the Architects’ Perception Panel. Other work includes producing research-based reports on professionals’ fees, earnings, financial performance and work.

Current and past clients include organisations such as the RIBA, RICS, ACE and LABC; businesses selling into the construction market such as Stannah Lifts; hundreds of architects, surveyors and engineers who have bought our research reports; and product manufacturers who subscribe to our statistical reports.

The Mirza & Nacey Architects’ Perception Panel is made up of over 2,000 architects and is continuously updated. Through a quick on-line survey, Panel members will tell you what they think about you, your products and your services. Use the Panel to provide the hard data you need to inform your marketing strategy.

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The leading indicator of construction activity - every three months Construction Futures monitors the UK construction industry's early warning system: architects workload.


  • The longest-running survey of architects in the UK

  • Detailed examination of work in the pipeline

  • Full analysis by sector, type of work, region


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Add a question to our regular surveys conducted amongst architects, surveyors and engineers.


  • Established regular surveys

  • Cost-effective

  • Full analysis by type and size of firm


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