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We relish the opportunity to gather, process, examine and manipulate data, making sense of a pile of unused information. We love looking for relationships between variables, turning a stack of data into tables and charts which instantly throw light onto a subject. We are expert at aligning data so that figures from several different sources match; cleaning data; dealing with data which has come in several different forms or languages. Challenge us to meet your data analysis requirements. Here are a few example projects:

RIBA Education Statistics

The RIBA validates courses at Schools of Architecture and requires detailed information about the number and composition of students attending these courses. This survey needs a 100% response rate which we ultimately achieve. Data covers areas such as the number of applicants to courses, new student numbers, examination results. The analysis includes longitudinal measures of the student population by gender, ethnicity and disability.

Results: To see examples of the results reported please click here (external link)

The RIBA wanted to assess the impact of the economic downturn upon the architectural profession. It asked us to develop a method of measuring this impact. We designed a survey to be conducted online amongst the RIBA’s members, once a month. The results, once analysed, give a picture of how the profession’s confidence is changing. Results receive extensive coverage in the architectural press.

Results: To see examples of the results reported please click here (external link)

RIBA Future Trends Survey

We were asked to help analyse data for this survey. The questionnaires had already been sent out and data collected but did not have a consistent basis. We were able to carefully match the data to give a consistent picture across all responding countries producing a coherent dataset with full analysis.

European Pharmacovigilance Survey
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