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Mirza & Nacey Research are data specialists. We help organisations, institutes and businesses to understand and meet the needs of their members or customers more effectively.

Mirza & Nacey Research is run by the two original co-founders:

Aziz Mirza


Vince Nacey


We've worked for organisations in many different countries and undertaken research surveys in 32 different countries in Europe and Africa.

Examples of recent research

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RIBA Practice Benchmarking

Vital data to encourage RIBA Chartered Practices to monitor key performance metrics of their businesses.

ACE Sector Study

25,000 architects across Europe provided data about themselves, their earnings and their practice. 

Our recent publications

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ACE Sector Study

Forthcoming Spring 2021

shows the early signs of how the pandemic is affecting architects across Europe.

Fees Surveys - 2021

Latest editions of professionals' fee surveys, published by our division

The Fees Bureau

RIBA Practice Benchmarking

The 2020 survey results.

Architects Markets

We use our data going back four decades to see what lesson can be learned from past recessions and how the pandemic is likely to impact construction activity.

More than 30 years' experience

Established in 1989, we've carried out research and surveys for professional institutes such as the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), the South African Institute of Architects,

international bodies such as the Architects' Council of Europe and the Federation of Vets in Europe. We've worked for large companies such as Stannah Lifts and small ones, including many architectural practices.


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