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Data insights




Mirza & Nacey Research are data specialists. We help organisations, institutes and businesses to understand and meet the needs of their members or customers more effectively.

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Plugging data & knowledge gaps

Issues & hot topics

Opinions & profiling

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Market Research

Customer behaviour

Brand perception

Market opportunities

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Data Visualisation

Informative & intelligent ways to present data

Interactive solutions & tools

We work differently from most research companies because our approach is very hands-on. We get deeply involved in every single piece of research we undertake. We are passionate about data and turning it into powerful intelligence that informs businesses and organisations.

Talk to us about surveys, market research and data visualisation. And if you have a new product or service to launch or want to get advice directly from experts in your field, we have the ear of over 2,000 industry specialists on our unique Architects' Panel.

Knowledgeable, practical and forward-looking - that's us.

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A great way to explore and interact with the data. Findings can be customised to the user's requirements

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We believe that clear presentation is the best way to exploit the data and make findings relevant 

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Encourage users to make the data relevant to them by personalising the results and comparing with user's own data

Data visualisations

The latest chart styles and visual explainers embedded in the pdf report or on a website

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