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The Architectural Profession in Europe - A Sector Study

The Architects' Council of Europe (ACE) wanted to gather information about all aspects of the architectural profession, and how it operates, in each European country.

Mirza & Nacey Research was selected to conduct the first ever pan-European study of the architectural profession. Our methodology was developed in response to a wide-ranging and challenging brief and to a tight budget. The ACE wanted to know the answers to a very large number of questions; rather than rely on information provided by ACE Member Organisations - whose ability to provide this data varied enormously - our solution was to gather data directly from architects. We developed a questionnaire and using an on-line survey conducted the research in 20 languages amongst architects in 32 different countries.

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The results of the eigth survey gives detailed facts about the profession and the market. Survey data was analysed and presented for Europe as a whole as well as country-by-country. Economic modelling was used to create market size estimates; opinion data and factual data was sought direct from architects. Research findings were presented to the ACE's General Assembly; our full report is available to all via the ACE website.

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The ACE Observatory displays the survey data as a dashboard, ready for users to interrogate and customise.

We designed this so that users can search the statistical database by country and or by topic. Within topics, users can specify to search for specific types of architect, or by other criteria such as gender, age or experience.

ACE Observatory - explanatory video

The survey is undertaken every two years. The 2022 survey was published March 2023. Work on the 2024 survey is currently underway.

To view the 2022 full report please click here (external link).

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