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RIBA  Becnhmarking

for Architects

The annual RIBA Business Benchmarking survey provides vital business knowledge to RIBA Member Chartered Practices. It allows these practices to compare themselves to others across a broad spectrum of criteria to identify areas of strength, weakness and opportunity.



Best use of data and insights

Mirza & Nacey re-designed and brought the old survey up to date. We developed the questionnaire and associated guidance notes. The questionnaire is now completed on-line, so we included pop-up guidance and messages which flagged any answers that needed checking - eliminating the need to clean any of the survey data.


We designed and created a report which showed the results of the survey in a more visual way with many more charts and diagrams than before.


Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 13.16.53.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 13.16.37.png

Working alongside data specialists Signal Noise, Mirza & Nacey introduced an interactive tool "The Benchmarker" allowing Chartered Practices to dynamically interrogate the data. While the printed report is our analysis of the data,using the Benchmarker puts users in control of the way they want to analyse the data - applying filters means they can compare their performance data with practices of a similar size, or region, or turnover - or any combination of these variables.

The survey is being repeated annually.

To view the 2019 Executive Summary please click here (external link).

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