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Our specialism is working with architects. We've been working with them for more than 25 years. Each year we conduct numerous surveys and invite architects to participate in commercial surveys. So architects who sign up onto the Panel are doing so in the full knowledge, and agreement, that they can be contacted to assist with a survey.  

●   Who is on the panel?

2,000 architects, including partners, directors and principals. One third work in large practices. Panel members are spread right across the UK, in all employment fields and cover all age groups. Panel members are recruited continuously throughout the year.

●   How the panel works

We’ll discuss your marketing strategy, budget, aims and ambitions with you and design a set of questions accordingly. We’ll turn this into an on-line questionnaire for the panel members to complete. A reminder will encourage the response – as will an incentive, such as a prize draw.

●   How you receive the results

You will receive a full report on our findings designed to feed directly into your marketing plans. This clear, easy to understand report will include tables and charts and pull out all the important points and implications.

●   What next?

Feel free to Contact Us so we can discuss how we can help and give you an idea of costs and options.

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