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ACE Observatory Help

How can I use the ACE Observatory?

The Homepage

For ease of reference, the ACE Observatory has been divided into 3 sections : Architects, Practices and Market. The homepage is an overview of the latest data for Europe.


First section (blue) ARCHITECTS IN EUROPE

This section is divided in 10 subsections, please click on ‘more’

  1. Numbers

  2. Gender

  3. Age

  4. Employment field

  5. Employment status

  6. Salaries

  7. International

  8. Hours

  9. CPD

  10. Retirement


Second Section (red) PRACTICES

  1. Numbers

  2. Profits

  3. Turnover

  4. Hourly rates

  5. International

  6. Competitions

  7. Certification

  8. BIM


Third section (orange) MARKET

  1. Market

  2. Construction

  3. Sector

  4. Service

  5. Client

  6. Type of work



Explore data at European scale

Do you want to know what is the average age of Architects in Europe?

Click on the ‘MORE” section of ‘AGE’, and you will have an overview of the situation in Europe. If you want to get more information regarding a specific country, please select ‘France’ for instance. You can also pick up a year.


Explore data per country

Do you want to have some data about France or Germany?

Go to the homepage, click on the menu ‘Select country’ and choose ‘France’ from the drop-down.  Explore the data about France in 3 sections : Architects, Practices and Market.

The full report is available to read and download from the ACE website.

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