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ACE Observatory Help

About the ACE Observatory

Why do we need the ACE Observatory?


The purpose is to provide a single entry point through which users can search, access and compare a multitude of statistical information regarding European Architects, the architectural market and architectural practices taken from the ACE Sector Studies since 2010.


“The ACE Sector Study has now been running for ten years, and there is a wealth of data available. The latest published report includes much of this data but cannot include each year’s back data in full detail. The ACE Observatory fills this gap, providing access to the full database (including new datasets) for all survey years and for all countries.  The aim is to put users in control of how they view the data.” Mirza & Nacey Research


What data are integrated in the ACE Observatory?


The ACE Observatory shows information from the ACE Sector Studies, between 2010 and 2018. When results from the current 2020 survey have been analysed, these will be added to the Observatory.


What is the methodology used to collect these data?

Data are collected from a survey which is conducted every two years. The ACE’s Member Organisations are invited to contact their members and to invite them to participate in this survey. Individual architects then complete a questionnaire, the results of which are analysed. Each ACE survey achieves a response of several thousand architects.


Can I download the data?

Yes. Select the information you require and click ‘download table’ button below each chart. The download will be in Microsoft Excel format. You can customise your download by changing the year, country and other variables using the filters on the left side of the page.


How many countries are included?

Data are available for 31 countries. Please note, not all countries participated in all years.


Can I use the data in my presentation?

You may use the data for any purpose but please do credit the source as the Architects’ Council of Europe ACE Observatory.


Where can I find the sector study publications in PDF?

The most recent full report which accompanies the data can be found as a free to download PDF at:


If you need more information, make observations or recommendations, please contact  Mirza & Nacey Research at



Available in English and French, this portal has been developed by Mirza & Nacey Research, with the support of the Creative Europe programme.

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