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Business Benchmark 2019

Latest results

Growth continues in 2019

More practices, more staff, higher revenues all mean a growing profession. Practice revenues topped £3.6 billion in 2019, the highest figure ever recorded. Productivity has grown, too; staff numbers are up by 8% while revenue is 13% higher.

Practice size matters most

The key metric for analysing the benchmarking statistics is practice size. Large practices are driving forward at a faster rate than small practices. Work types are different, too, with domestic housing being far more important for small practices than larger ones.

London dominates

One in four practices is located in London. The capital dominates the profession’s benchmarks, employing xx% of staff, generating xx% of revenue and  paying the highest salaries for staff. But London is not the highest region for practice profits nor for Principals’ remuneration.

Business practices improve

Practices continue to make progress in ED&I, but there is little change in practices’ development of key management procedures such as cashflow forecasting or business planning.

support work/life balance

support talent management

of architect staff complete timesheets

have a cashflow forecast





International work is growing

Practices generated £625m of revenue from work outside the UK, this figure is 22% higher than last year. Asia is the biggest market, followed by the EU, Middle East and North America.

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