About the ACE Observatory

The ACE Observatory shows information from the Sector Studies, between 2010 and 2018. When results from the current 2020 survey have been analysed, these will be added to the Observatory. 


On the Observatory home page you can view the full range of topics covered. There’s data about architects, practices and the market.


The home page starts with an overview of the latest data for Europe. You can select to view any country from the drop-down. 


Select a topic to explore more data. 


You can download the data as tables.


You can look at the data for different years, and look at different countries.


The filters you select remain active for the home page and the next topic you visit. So if you’re mainly interested in the data for one country, that selection will remain for all the pages you visit.


All the topics in the Sector Study report are in this Dashboard, for you to explore further.  

How to use the ACE Observatory

About the ACE Observatory

PPP - this means Purchasing Power Parity and is a way of relating prices (salaries, turnover) between countries to take account of the relative values of local currencies. It converts local salaries to what this would buy (purchasing power) in the same country. This allows more realistic comparisons to be made between countries.

not PPP - the values are 'as reported' and have not been adjusted for purchasing power parity.

Practice size

This refers to the number of   staff in a practice, measured as full-time equivalent.


All figures are expressed in Euros, where the local currency is not Euros the exchange rate at mid-point of survey was used to convert.


Further information

The full report is available to read and download from the ACE website. 



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