At Mirza & Nacey Research we take care to work out the best way to exploit the data and make findings relevant to the total audience


Statistical tables, charts and other visuals are accompanied by a commentary text. We will produce a full report which is ready to publish, or can simply provide a quick summary - your choice

Data visualisations

The latest chart styles and visual explainers embedded in the report


A great way to explore and interact with the data. Findings can be customised to the user's requirements


Encourage users to make the data relevant to them by personalising the results and comparing with user's own data

Interactive Website

For maximum exploration of the data we can present the findings combining an article, with charts, plus interactive elements such as Tools or Dashboards

More than 30 years' experience

Established in 1989, we've carried out reserach and surveys for professional institutes such as the Royal Institue of British Architects (RIBA), the South African Institute of Architects,

international bodies such as the Architects' Council of Europe and the Federation of Vets in Europe. We've worked for large companies such as Stannah Lifts and small ones, including many architectural practices.


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